Circus Sarasota

I walk in through the greeting doors getting out of the rain, as it is just another afternoon for someone living in Sarasota, Florida! As I find my seat the beautifully restored Historic Asolo Theater I’m surrounded with happiness. I see a typical theater stage, but instead of the usual black curtains I see the adored Circus Sarasota red curtain, looking new as ever. This brought me back to my senses that I was seeing a circus show but in an ancient theatre! The lights begin to dim the spotlights turn on and out waltzes Miss. Bailey Sloan!


Baily Sloan comes from 10 generations of circus arts. She received her training from the Sailor Circus Academy in Sarasota, FL. She is the first graduate of the newly developed ringmasters program. Baily uses her crisp voice announcing each act with style.


Kirk Marsh is the clown for the performance. Kirk has excellent stage presence and uses a verity of props in his routine. Kirk “pops up” many times during the show showing how versatile the art of clowning can be. Robin Eurich trained Kirk Marsh at Clown Collage. Robin is one of the Clown Coaches and Artistic Directors for the Sailor Circus Academy in Sarasota.
Kirk opens the show by having the audience try to throw a hat onto his head. Of course, they all miss except the last one!



The opening act for this spectaular performance is the Alvarez Family, which comes from North Port FL. The Alvarez family performs a combination act of teeterboard, adagio and acrobatics. The highlight of this act is the youth performers, Gianni Alvarez and his sister Ariana Alvarez.  Ariana is launched, thrown and used as a jump rope throughout the routine. The specialty of the Alvarez family is the father acts as both the hitter and the catcher for the flyer, impressive! Overall, the act had high energy, with clean choreography and was presented flawlessly.





Next, Kirk presented either his cigar box routine or his banana routine. For the cigar box routine, Kirk asked a male audience member to come up and put on a vest and hat. All of the costume pieces then transformed into a dress and wig making this man Kirk’s “Lovely Assistant.” Kirk then proceeded to do a cigar box routine. For the banana routine, Kirk and an audience member tried to successfully eat a banana. Kirk’s routines were both perceived greatly by the audiences with laughs throughout.



Another youth performer joins the stage, Sebastian St. Jules, who juggles. Sebastian is making his solo performance debut at age 14 with the Summer Circus Spectacular. Sebastian has been future on many of the Got Talent® TV shows performing with his father. Sebastian does bounce juggling combining many surfaces and their sounds. He plays a piano and a giant musical
triangle. The act’s finale is turning on the black lights, and the act becomes both a visual and musical spectacular!





Now we have the “Queen of the Air” Dolly Jacobs-Reis presenting a one of a kind unique performance on the aerial straps. Dolly is the daughter of the famed clown, Lou Jacobs and has a unique legacy. Dolly brings happiness in every turn she does. Mrs. Jacobs did many revolutions upside down, one handed spins and a graceful breath-taking finale of the soaring split on top of
the straps. Dolly, like Bailey, received circus training from the Sailor Circus Academy many years ago. Dolly is also the Founder of the Circus Arts Conservatory and teaches Roman Rings at the Sailor Circus Academy.




Kirk comes back for a little bit of object balancing with one of the children in the audience.



The final act of the performance is the Anastasini Brothers. They were just recently on tour with the Big Apple Circus and produced a heart-stopping act. Their act combines the traditional risley moves with choreography and personality. The Anastasini Brothers have been performing their act since their childhood, and their dedication is showed through their stage




After the Anastasini Brothers standing ovation, all of the performers came out for one last bow and wave goodbye. The show had a wonderful name that fitted accordingly; “The Summer Circus Spectacular” really was a Circus Spectacular.

About The Author:  6077
Owen Leonard is a performing and visual artist. Owen has been performing since the age of five with local theaters and theater classes. Owen has trained with Florida Studio Theatre, Florida Ballet Ensemble, Spotlight Theater Productions, Drama Kids, Inspired Minds’ Film Kids (educational movie production company) Circus Sarasota, Sailor Circus and the Circus Arts Conservatory. Owen focuses on creative thinking and problem solving and is guaranteed to get the job done! Owen also has experience with leadership and innovative technology uses. Owen currently studies visual and performing arts at Booker High School, delving into the technical theatre field. Owen practices Circus Arts daily hoping to pursue the art professionally. Owen Leonard can be found performing with the Sailor Circus Academy in Sarasota Florida.
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