About Circus 4 Youth

Circus Fans Support Youth Programs

By Jim Cole, CFA Youth Chairman

The Circus Fans Association of America (CFA), which was established in 1926, is an organization of people from all walks of life who share an extraordinary love of circus. The CFA endorses both traditional American circuses and contemporary circus productions.

Our members attend several circuses each year, have friendships with many circus performers and personnel, and collect various items of circus memorabilia. We are active in monitoring legislation, both national and local that may affect the circus industry and we offer our support to the circus as needed.  It is the CFA’s goal is to keep the circus alive and well for future generations to enjoy!

The Greatest Friends on Earth!

The Greatest Friends on Earth!

The CFA has long been aware of the many youth circus programs around the country and have often given them recognition in our magazine, The White Tops.  In the past, many youth circuses have performed at our annual conventions.  Many of our CFA members are volunteers, trainers and directors of youth circuses.

In 2006 the CFA expanded our support of youth circuses by creating a unique website, “Circus4Youth” (circus4youth.org). We also established a mutual membership with the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and have worked closely with them to create a greater public awareness of youth circus programs.

In 2011 through a combined effort and funding with AYCO, the CFA produced an on-line media video called “Youth Circus in the USA” which is available on the websites of AYCO, the CFA, and Circus4Youth.  This five minute presentation gives the viewer an interesting and informative insight into the incredible world of youth circus, and emphasizes the youth physical fitness and self confidence benefits of such programs.  It is there for any youth circus to use at no cost to promote their program!

We have also added a Facebook page where youth circus kids can meet and make new friends, also post photos and videos of their circus acts.

The CFA also offers a “Sponsored Youth Circus Fan” membership to youth circus (or professional) performers who are under 18 years of age.  These members receive the CFA magazine, The White Tops.  We hope they will continue their involvement with youth circus and their CFA membership into adulthood.

As we enter the 21st century, the Circus Fans Association of America continues to honor the rich history of the circus and look to our youth to keep this legacy alive for generations to come.

May All Your Days Be Circus Days!