Links of Interest

Circus Fans Association of America – Simply put, a hobby group of 1200 or so folks just like you who like the circus. It is the most colorful hobby in the world with glittering diversity.

American Youth Circus Organization – AYCO promotes the participation of youth in circus arts and supports circus educators.

AYCO HUP SQUAD BLOG,   My Life is a Circus!

American Circus Educators,   Part of AYCO dedicated to youth circus trainers


 ACROSPORT, San Francisco, CA  Circus skills training for all ages

ACTORS GYMNASIUM, Evanston, IL   Circus & aerial skills

AERIAL ANTICS YOUTH CIRCUS, Vero Beach, FL  Performing Youth Circus

AERIAL ARTS of UTAH      Aerial skills for all ages

AERIAL FABRIC ACROBATICS, Denver, CO  Aerial Skills for All Ages

AIRCAT AERIAL ARTS, Boulder,CO  Circus & aerial skills

AIREALISTIC CIRCUS and FLYING, Ventura, CA  circus & aerial skills

AMAZING GRACE YOUTH CIRCUS, Nyack, NY  Performing Youth Circus

AMERICAN TURNERS YOUTH CIRCUS, Louisville, KY    Performing Youth Circus

ANCHORTOWN CIRCUS, Anchorage, AK  Circus skills

ARTFARM, Middletown, CT     Circus Arts & Performing Youth Circus

ANTIGRAVITY,  Kissimmee, FL   Aerial Arts for All Ages

BACKSTAGE FABRICATION, Orlando, FL     Custom built circus rigging and props

BARNUM MUSEUM, Bridgeport, Ct   Circus History Museum

BERK CIRQUE, Great Barrington, MA  Youth Circus Program

BIG APPLE CIRCUS AFTER SCHOOL New York City, NY     Youth Circus program

BINDLESTIFF FAMILY CIRKUS, New York City, NY  youth circus program

BOBBY’S BIG TOP CIRCUS EQUIPTMENT  Custom built circus rigging and props

BOULDER CIRCUS CENTER, Boulder, CO   Circus Skills for all ages

 CAMP CAYUGA, Peapack, NJ   Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CAMP ECHO, Burlington, NY   Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CAMP LOHIKAN, Gladstone NJ    Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CAMP WINNARAINBOW, Berkley, CA   Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CANOPY STUDIO, Athens, GA    Circus Skills for all ages

CARSON & BARNES CIRCUS   Professional Touring Circus Under the Big Top

CELEBRATION BARN THEATER, S. Paris, ME   Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CHILDREN ‘S CIRCUS of MIDDLETOWN, Middletown, CT   Summer Camp & Performing Youth Circus

CHIMAL CIRCUS ARTS, TX    Summer Camp with Circus Arts Program

CINCINNATI CIRCUS COMPANY, Cincinnati, OH   Circus Skills for all Ages

CIRCESTEEM, Chicago, IL    Performing Youth Circus

CIRCO ETEREO, Costa Mesa, CA   Youth Circus Program

CIRCO HERMANOS CABALLERO   Professional touring circus under the big top (2 units)

CIRCUS ARTS CONSERVATORY, Sarasota, FL    Circus arts training

CIRCUS ARTS INSTITUTE, Atlanta, GA   Social Circus with Circus Arts Training

CIRCUS ARTS PLACE, Haines City, FL     Circus arts training for all ages

CIRCUS CAMP, Decatur, GA    Year Round Circus Arts Camp

CIRCUS CASCADIA, Portland, OR   Summer Camp and After School Circus Arts

CIRCUS CENTER, San Francisco, CA    Circus Arts Training for All Ages

CIRCUS CITY FESTIVAL, Peru, Indiana  Performing Youth Circus

CIRCUS FLORA  Professional Performing Circus, St. Louis, MO

CIRCUS HALL of FAME, Peru, IN  Circus History Museum

CIRCUS HARMONY, St. Louis, MO   Performing Youth Circus, Circus Skills & Summer Camp

CIRCUS HISTORICAL SOCIETY  Circus History Organization

CIRCUS JUVENTAS, St. Paul, MN  Performing Youth Circus, Circus Skills & Summer Camp

CIRCUS KAZOO, Grayslake, IL  Youth Circus program

CIRCUS KRONE, Germany   Professional European Circus under the Big Top

 CIRCUS MINIMUS, New York City & Area  School Residencies

CIRCUS MODEL BUILDERS   Circus Hobby Organization

CIRCUS MOJO Ludlow, KY   Year Round Circus Skills & performing Youth Circus

CIRCUS MOVES, Oakland, CA  Youth Circus  Program

CIRCUS NOW   A Circus Blog for both Contemporary and Traditional Circus

CIRCUS NYC, New York City   A world link to the New York Circus Community

CIRCUS of the KIDS, Tallahassee, FL   A program that brings Circus to schools and Summer camps

CIRCUS of HOPE, Austin, TX  Youth Circus Program  

CIRCUS PAGES    Professional touring circus.

CIRCUS PLACE, Hillsborough, NJ     Youth circus program.

CIRCUS SARASOTA    Professional Performing Circus Under the Big Top

CIRCUS SCHOOL of ARIZONA, Scottsdale & Chandler,   Circus Arts for All Ages

CIRCUS SMIRKUS, Greensboro, VT   Performing Youth Circus on tour  & Summer Camp

CIRCUS THEATRIKCS   A program that brings Circus to schools and Summer camps

CIRCUS VARGAS    Professional touring circus under the big top.

CIRCUS VASQUEZ  Professional touring circus under the big top.

CIRCUS WALDISSIMA, Santa Rosa, CA   Youth Circus Program

CIRCUS WORLD MUSEUM, Baraboo, WI  Circus History Museum

CIRCUS WEST, Vancouver, BC, Canada  Youth Circus Program

CIRQUE AMONGUS, Livonia, MI   Youth Circus Program

CIRQUE d’ ART THEATER, Portsmouth, OH  Circus Arts for all Ages

CIRQUE Du JOUR, Orlando, FL  A program that brings Circus to schools and Summer camps

CIRQUE Du K, Kalamazoo, MI  College Circus Club

CIRQUE Du SOLEIL  Professional performing circus.  Several units worldwide, permanent and touring

CIRQUEFIT, Atlanta, GA   Flying Trapeze School

CIRQUE ITALIA   Professional touring circus under the big top.  “The Aqua Circus”

CIRQUE SCHOOL LA, Los Angeles, CA  Circus skills for anybody with any body


COUNTRY ROADS DAY CAMP, Manalapan, NJ    Summer camp with circus skills

CULPEPPER & MERRIEWEATHER CIRCUS  Professional touring circus under the big top.

CUSTOM BUILT EQUIPMENT INC   Circus rigging & props.

DANCE & CIRCUS ARTS of TAMPA BAY,  Clearwater, FL  Circus aerial skills.

ECOLE DE CIRQUE, Canada   Circus school.

EMERALD CITY TRAPEZE ARTS,  Seattle, WA   Flying trapeze school.

FEARLESS FLYERS, Mystic, CT   Flying trapeze school.

FERN STREET CIRCUS, San Diego, CA  Circus skills program

FIREFLY THEATRE & CIRCUS, Edmunton, AB, Canada    Circus skills for all ages.

FLEXIBILITY PLUS INSTITUTE, Rochester, NY   Circus skills program.

FLORIDA CIRCUS ARTS ACADEMY, Bradenton, FL   Circus Summer Camp ages 5 – 15 

 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FLYING HIGH CIRCUS Tallahasse,FL  performing college circus

FOCUSfish Circus Classes, Los Angeles, CA area    Circus skill training

FRENCH WOODS PERFORMING ARTS CAMP, Hancock, NY  Summer camp with performing youth circus.

FREQUENT FLYERS, Boulder, CO   Aerial dance theater.

GAMMA PHI CIRCUS, Illinois State University   Normal, IL  performing college circus.


GREAT CLOWNS of the PAST   Clown history.

GYM DANDIES CHILDREN’S CIRCUS, Scarborough, ME  Youth circus / unicycle club.

HANNEFORD CIRCUS   Professional touring circus.

HICCUP CIRCUS, Pahoa, Hawaii  Circus skills, performing youth circus.

HOPE STREET CIRCUS, Burbank, CA   Youth circus program.

IMPERIAL CIRCUS SCHOOL OPA,  Atlanta, GA   Circus skills for all ages

IMPERIAL FLYERS, Westminster,CO     Flying trapeze school.

INDEPENDENT LAKE CAMP, Thompson, PA  Summer camp with circus & flying trapeze

ISLAND LAKE CAMP, Starrucca, PA    Summer camp with circus program.

KELLY MILLER CIRCUS   Professional touring circus under the big top.

KENT CUMMINS MAGIC CAMP, Austin, TX  Magic & juggling camp

LES STUDIO, Culver City, CA   Circus skills for all ages

LONGLAKE CAMP, Dobbs Ferry, NY  Summer camp with circus skills program.

LOS MORALITOS CIRCUS,   4th Generation Family Circus


MOODY STREET CIRCUS, Waltham, MA    Circus skills program for all ages.

MSA CIRCUS & ARTS, Chicago, IL    Circus arts for all ages.

MY NOSE TURNS RED YOUTH CIRCUS, Covington, KY    Performing youth circus.

NATIONAL CIRCUS PROJECT, Westbury, NY   Youth circus program.

NATIONAL SCHOOL of the CIRCUS, Montreal, QC, Cana    Circus school.

NEW ENGLAND CENTER for CIRCUS ARTS, Brattleboro,   Vermont,   circus school.

NEW JERSEY CIRCUS CENTER,   Circus skills for all ages

OPEN AIR CIRCUS, Somerville, MA     Youth circus program.

OCIRCUS, Oberlin College OH    College circus program.

ORLANDO AERIAL ARTS, Orlando, FL  Circus aerial skills for all ages

ORLANDO CIRCUS ARTS SCHOOL, Orlando, FL   Circus school with flying trapeze.

ORLANDO YOUTH CIRCUS, Orlando, FL   Youth circus program.

PALASTINE CIRCUS SCHOOL, Palastine    Youth circus program.

PENINSULA GYMNASTICS, San Mateo, CA   Gymnastics with circus camp.

PERU AMATEUR CIRCUS,  Peru, Indiana   Performing youth circus.

PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL of CIRCUS ARTS, Philadelphia,   Circus arts training for all ages.

PHOENIX YOUTH CIRCUS ARTS,  Phoenix, AZ  Youth Circus program

PRESCOTT CIRCUS & THEATRE, Oakland, CA  Youth circus program.

RAMOS BROS. CIRCUS  Professional touring circus under the big top

RINGLING CIRCUS MUSEUM, Sarasota, FL     Circus history museum.

SAILOR CIRCUS ACADEMY, Sarasota, FL  Performing Youth Circus

SAN DIEGO CIRCUS CENTER, San Diego, CA    Circus school for all ages.

SCHOOL of ACROBATICS & NEW CIRCUS ARTS, Seattle, W   Circus school with flying trapeze.

SHOW CIRCUS STUDIO, Easthampton, MA    Circus school for all ages

SIMPLY CIRCUS Inc, Newton, MA   Youth circus program.

SOPHIA ISADORA CIRCUS ARTS, San Diego, CA    Circus school & Performing youth circus

SOUNDS ot the CIRCUS, CD Albums     Traditional circus music CDs

STARFISH CIRCUS, Kalamazoo, MI    Youth circus program.

TARZAN ZERBINI CIRCUS    Professional touring circus.

The CIRCUS PROJECT, Portland, OR   Social circus program for teens and young adults.

TITO GAONA FLYING FANTASY, Venice, FL     Flying trapeze school.

TORONTO SCHOOL of CIRCUS ARTS, Canada   Circus school.

TRAPEZE ARTS Inc, Oakland, CA    Flying trapeze school.

TRAPEZE CENTER, St. Loius, MO  Circus Harmony flying trapeze school.

TRAPEZE EXPERIENCE, Boca Raton, FL   Flying trapeze school.

TRAPEZE HIGH, Escondido, CA   Flying trapeze school.

Trapeze Le Vottigeur, St-Eustachee, Quebec J7P5C6   Flying trapeze school.

TRAPEZE SCHOOL NEW YORK, NY, Boston, Baltimore    Flying trapeze school.

TRAPEZE RIGGING.COM  Custom built circus rigging.

TRAPEZIUM, Montreal, QC, Canada    Flying trapeze school.

TRENTON CIRCUS SQUAD, Trenton, NJ  Youth Circus Program

TRITON TROUPERS CIRCUS, River Grove, IL  Performing college circus.

UNIVERSOUL CIRCUS   Professional touring circus under the big top.

VEGETABLE CIRCUS, Oakland, CA   Youth Circus program.

WENATCHEE YOUTH CIRCUS, Wenatchee, WA   Performing youth circus on tour.

WILD RUMPUS CIRCUS CAMP, Mazomaine, WI   Youth circus program.

WISE FOOLS NEW MEXICO, Santa Fe, NM   Circus skills program.

XELIAS CIRCUS ARTS Minneapolis, MN  Aerial arts, watch humans fly.

YMCA of McDonough County, IL   Has youth circus program.

ZIP ZAP CIRCUS USA, Washington, DC  Social youth circus program.

ZOPPE FAMILY CIRCUS    Professional touring circus under the big top.