A Message from Nik

A Message From Nik Wallenda .. to All Youth Circus Kids! 
Submitted by Nik Wallenda on   1/15/2014

Nik Wallenda at Sailor Circus in Sarasota, Florida

Nik Wallenda at Sailor Circus in Sarasota, Florida

“When I finished my walk across Niagara Falls, I told the passport agents that my purpose in crossing was “to inspire people around the world.” Perhaps closest to my heart would be to inspire those in the circus arts to pursue their dreams. My life’s motto is “Never Give Up”, but not everyone knows just how much those words have meant to my success. I was told that you could not make a career in the entertainment business, and I nearly let it go. But it was my passion, and even though there were years where business was incredibly difficult, I knew that I could be successful.

There were times that doors seemed to be closed, but I learned sometimes you just have to keep pushing for that opportunity. I was told time after time that I would not be granted permission to cross Niagara Falls. Laws that were over 100 years old had to be changed in both the US and Canada. The total cost for the walk was not covered until the day of the walk.

But June 15, 2012, my dream came true as I became the first person to walk directly over Niagara Falls. And 6 years after I first signed a contract to cross the Grand Canyon, this dream came true on June 23, 2013, broadcast live in 178 different countries and watched by 21 million in the United States alone.

You are the next generation of artists to carry on the industry. Pursue your passion in performing, put in the practice time to develop your skills as an artist, and Never Give Up in pursuit of your dreams!”